--> S14-Treffen in Holland
             Eingeschickt von Michiel und Stefplus

The meeting was organised by Peet van der Spek and Jeroen Lekx, great enthousiasts. We changed the date a couple of times but finally he came to the conclusion that the 5th of October was the best date. At first the weather didn't look that good but actually the weather was great. In the end there where even more people then expected. The type of cars also varied, for as far as I know there where at least 27 M3's of which 1 of the only 2 Dutch Sport Evo's, approximately 6 Cecotto's, 2 cabrio's en 2 DTM replica's and even 1 Belgium car....the one that is at! We also made a little ride with most of the cars through the beautiful Dutch landscape.....

Best regards

Michiel and Stefplus

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