--> S14-Treffen in Belgien
             Eingeschickt von Stefplus

As we couldn't come to the meeting, we decide to go to a BMW meeting organized by two friends of mine and .... Big suprise ten S14 on the rally !

Yes you read good, not less than ten E30 M3 with 4 Cecotto's, one Evo and one Sport Evo.

We started from Arlon in south Belgium at the BMW garage Edmond and visited some nice places in the Luxemburg. We have also been to the Good-Year site in Colmar-Berg.

After a trip of 250 kms we were back in Belgium for a delicious dinner.

Of course, all M3 drivers found place at the same table for some technical and passionate discussions!

Marvellous weather, nice cars and perfect organisation were the master words of this BMW rally.

Many thanks again to Dominique and Pierre-Yves for that BMW meeting.

See you next time

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