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Last October 2002 I bought a E30 M3 from may 1988 which was imported to Holland 2 years before from Germany. When I bought the car it was in a very bad condition, a hole was blow in the engine probably due to lack of oil or a wrong downchange in gear, It was had some minor damage at the front and the left weelarch was damaged. I bought it at a company that is specialized in rebuilding older BMW's (www.lekx.nl) and maid arrangements to rebuild the car. First we thought it would take 6 months but in the end it took 9 months including the type approval. The car is diamantz schwarz and fully repainted, the interior is partly rebuild and the engine is fully revised. My aim was to keep the car as standard as possible which worked out pretty well because the only no-standard items are the alarm system and the car radio.

Furthermore I have the following extra's:

  • Großer BC
  • Schiebedach
  • Fensterhener
  • Große Bremsanlage
  • Neulackierung 2003
  • schwarzes Leder
  • beheizte Waschüsen / beheiztes Türschloss
  • Rückspiegel mit Leseleuchten
  • GT Alarmanlage
  • Motor neu abgedichtet, neue Ketten
  • Vorne Recaro-Sport Sitze
Geplante Änderungen:

  • Große Bremsanlage
  • Bilstein Höhenverstellbar fahrwerk, Eibach Stabi-Kit
I also placed at lot of photo's on the internet, they are found at http://www.xs4all.nl/~keck/m3/index.html

Good luck,

Michiel Franse

The Netherlands

E-mail: michiel@shoq.com

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