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Here is a brief history of my Sport Evo.

The car started life in Germany. The carís first registered owner was a German man who bought the car in 1990. It was sold to its second owner who later sold the car to relative of his I think (same family name on the German documents). That second owner got the car back a year later for his second period of ownership. It had one further German owner before being imported into the UK by BMW specialists Munich Legends in Sussex in April 1997.

Its first UK owner paid £196 for a full Zymol valet! He also replaced the torch for the glove box, and the BMW cleaning cloth for the glove box. A very careful owner I think. He appears to have replaced all the hoses in the engine amongst other things in a seemingly very meticulous period of ownership (according to all the bills).

The carís second British owner is a chap I know from Newcastle upon Tyne, which is where I also live. This guy also has a 1998 Group A car from the Eupopean Touring Car Championship. He has restored it to its former glory.

He bought the car from Munich Legends as well in July 1999. He had the engine overhauled including the timing chain replaced. In addition, he spent a further £3000 on modifications for the track:

  • Half roll cage by Safety Devices
  • OMP harnesses
  • Fire extinguisher fitted
  • Adjustable Konis at the front, adjustable Ledas at the back
  • Uprated brake pads, braided brake lines, race brake fluid
  • Strut brace

    The car also has AC Schnitzer mirrors, but I donít know who fitted them. It has a cloth interior, which I prefer for the track. It has no sunroof, no aircon and wind up windows, again, better for the track. It doesnít have a stereo. It doesnít have a catalyst either, but the exhaust is a standard factory item apart from that. Itís really loud.

    I intend to tidy the car up with a new gear knob, rear BMW badge and a few other bits. It is in excellent condition. I intend to use it at weekends on the road, and on track days. I am lucky enough to have a standard 1990 E30 M3 as well, which I use as my everyday car. I bought this car in 2000, and I love it. It has a sunroof and electric windows and aircon, which is better on a daily driver, I suppose. It has done a dozen track days itself.


    John Warrington.
    Newcastle upon Tyne.

    E-mail: johnrwarrington@yahoo.com

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