--> Gary Sport Evolution aus Schottland


My car is an import from Germany where it had 1 owner then it was improted to britian in 1999 where it was owned by a dentist until monday 12/8/02 when i became it's 3rd owner. It is totaly original, does'nt have A/C or adjustable suspension. It has elec,windows/mirrors/sunroof & heated leather seats. It has 167.000km, however the chains have been replaced by BMW & a new cranckcase, block, pistons , rings, seals & had the valves ground. It also has a full BMW service history both here in the U.K>. & Germany. All the work above was carried out by BMW in the U.K. & has receipts for 8000 worth of work.


E-mail: garymorgan68@hotmail.com

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